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Rea is gifted with a skilled hand for beauty makeup. Her sincerest yearning to make one look good and feel good naturally as a result has been a continued inspiration for her to bring out one’s instinctive beauty. Without applying excessive makeup in fancy colors and overwhelming shades that is unlikely of an artist’s naturally elegant style, she would always end up giving you your most desired look in ethereal hues, sheer finish, and seamless coverage. The concept behind her makeup is just simple, she said – disguise the flaws, accentuate best features. She had also mentioned that every individual part of our face plays a vital role in completing that one perfect look and her role as a makeup artist is to pay utmost attention when working on that every single part in order to come up with a whole new effortlessly beautiful you.

Being able to create soft, weightless, and finely detailed makeup rapidly paved Rea’s way into the wedding industry. She earnestly impart that every bride deserves nothing but the best look she can ever have in her entire life. And as such, she commits on making sure that every bride she handles receives no less than essentially glowing, well polished, camera-ready makeup look –“a look perfect for every bride”. Rea takes pride that at a young age she is now one of the most sought-after wedding makeup artists in Philippines.

Rea also travels to various parts of the country. Be it for an engagement shoot or a wedding, Rea enjoys doing makeup to different people with different concepts at different places. And this year, as Rea stand proud for being able to build a long list of local and overseas clientele, she is ardently looking forward to her next travel with her dear couple.

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